Thursday, November 8, 2007

A little confession

I am posting these each day but I am not working on these each day! I did a whole bunch last Saturday and am posting them this week. I so wish I had time to do this every day! I used to, then I got involved in too many things. I have worked on finishing a couple more this week, the stamping was done I am just doing the paper gluing on the card part. I did cut some of the card stock for one of the sets I am selling at the craft fair while at church volunteering. I went in twice this week to answer the phone and brought some paper with me. That is one busy phone though! Not a lot of time but that's ok. I love my new church :)

So this is the card I am making a set of 10 of, I hope someone likes it! The colors are striking together, the copper is very pretty. Not sure why SU discontinued it but in person it is gorgeous. I copper embossed on it. This is almost the same card I made last year at my SU demo's Christmas stamp-a-stack. I just changed it ever so slightly to be able to make it for a pack. I am going to try a couple of options for this stamp set with these same colored card stock papers. I am going to her stamp-a-stack again this year and it is on Sat. which would be the day to work on these. I have not made time to work on the craft fair again and I only have a week left! Rut Roh! (as Scooby Doo says!)


Anonymous said...

Stunning! Love the colours...

One week left? Can't wait to hear how it goes for ya L! Do you have much more to do that you want to have done before you then?


Cheryl said...

You do sound busy! It's nice if you at least have Saturday to work on the cards.

Love the card.

Take care, Lori.

jan said...

This card is beautiful! I used colors like this today in the cornucopia I had my 1st graders make. I'm totally exhausted from that art project, I don't know how you do so much and everything is alway lovely.

papersunshine said...

Donna, thanks, I have three paint pails to do, that I am getting nervous because I ordered the lid stamp and it hasn't come in yet! Other than that I have to finish this card set and add maybe one more.

Thanks Cheryl! Oh and I have to print prices and display stuff!

Thanks so much Jan! Wow, 1st graders and crafts - the thought exhausts me!!!