Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From the heart

I have to say, this card was made from the heart. I do not "know" the person I made it for, however this person impacts my child's life on a daily basis. He is my son's afternoon teacher's assistant. He is a stay-at-home dad and his son is in class with my son. His son is mines best friend (according to my son anyway!). All of that being said I wanted to give this teacher a little something for Christmas but mostly for the chance to tell him how much we appreciate his time and effort with our very difficult child. My son has even hit this man! Just for telling him he couldn't do something (and he was right in telling JP). However he has doesn't seem to hold that against him and continues to help. So I sat down and made this card and I really think it came out fantastic. I wanted it to be masculine and yet 'Christmassy'. It is my own design, not a CASE!

I must say in addition, his teachers are fantastic! They have been with him for his third year now (he is in Montessori school) and they are getting gift cards to Borders. I don't want to discount their efforts it's just that this man is there mostly for his son and to help out for a few hours. We are lucky to have so many great teachers in JP's life. I also posted the picture of the tags I made for their gift cards.


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! This card is terrific!


Cheryl said...

It's perfect!! Love it!

papersunshine said...

Thanks so much! I am thrilled with it as you can tell :)

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic! I LOVE IT!!!!

So my question is:

WHY DO YOU CASE WHEN YOU HAVE SUCH GREAT IDEAS OF YOUR OWN MY DARLIN??? You should leave the case'ing to those of us that don't! LOL

Great tags too BTW!!!