Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun little thing

I made this card for the Angel Tree party, this was one of the two designs they got to make and the holder is an idea I saw in Scrapbook Trends Christmas Idea Book from last year. I bought some of these clippy thingies and got the inspiration to decorate it from the book. Kind of fun :) I glued on the little porcelain buttons to the bottom, took one of those circular metal rings you use to make a tag and clipped it with the clip, hung some beaded ribbon from it, tied a ribbon into a bow and had some ribbon with wire in it and curled that around it. That's it! Done in a few minutes. Used diamond glaze to hold the buttons on the bottom, man that stuff works for anything!


My Semblance of Sanity said...

"that's it...done in a few moments!"

Two words...

:)HAHA! Just kidding! I always enjoy being inspired by your ideas!

papersunshine said...

Too funny! Well ya know, I did copy the magazine ;) I just had to adjust to what I had in my house. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How cute is this? VERY!

Turned out super cute!!!