Thursday, January 31, 2008

Card After and Before

I made a card for this challenge one of my friends on SCS has begun. It is a fun challenge, we pick a piece of designer paper and we all make a card from it. I have posted the first card I did back a few days. It was my turn so I picked this pretty brown and pink and aqua(?) paper that I had bought at Artist Oasis in a pack. It is by Paper Salon and I have to giggle every time I say salon because of that guy in the movie who kept pronouncing it sah -lon (sorta French accent) instead of suh-lon (make sense?). Anyway the first card is the final product. The second card is what I thought was fine until I uploaded it and all I could see was this big blank pink layer in the middle. Yuck! I just so happen (really!) to have sitting on my desk a strip of hearts that I had colored in earlier today with the same colors in the designer paper! Gasp! Perfect! So I cut it to fit and carefully slid it under the ribbon and it worked. It looks much better now :)


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean...LOVE it with the strip of hearts...finishes it up perfectly! Terrific card once rock woman!!! : )

*saving this one to copy! hehe

papersunshine said...

LOL! Thank you!