Sunday, January 6, 2008

I joined a House Mouse Swap

It sounds fun. It is for the House Mouse stamp of the month, January through June. There are 6 people in each swap, each one of us are responsible to purchase a pre-assigned month's stamp. We stamp enough for everyone, send them out and then we all make cards from them and send them on to each other. So I got my first image and it's a cutie! You know my love for coffee and then for House Mouse too, the two combined are perfect! So here is what I made for the swap.

Well tomorrow I go back to Jazzercise. I joined last week, then got sick the next day with a cold (odd coincidence) and have had a head that feels like it is going to explode for several days now... so hopefully I can go without a box of Kleenex tomorrow! I hate that, I always get sick when I exercise! Everyone tells me it has nothing to do with it but when I sweat and get cold and can't warm up for hours like the other day, whatever is lurking in my system attacks. So I am trying to be positive and keep it up! Got to exercise (hate it) somehow and this is the only thing I halfway can stand doing. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...


Very Cute! We just got a new Keurig Coffee Maker, and I just made an individual cup of hot chocolate. This card is perfect considering the new maker we just bought.


papersunshine said...

Isn't that the greatest coffee maker ever invented?!!! I LOVE mine, it is so awesome! The best part is each of us like something different so Alan can have his espresso strength coffee, I can have my medium bodied and Brian and JP can have hot chocolate etc. Also what's cool is it is instant hot water so you can use your own tea bag and drop the hot water into the cup or we use it for those instant soups too! Lot's of uses :) Thanks about the card and enjoy your hot chocolate!

Cheryl said...

That is a cutie alright!! Sounds like you will be having fun with that swap.

It seems like a lot of the things that are good for us we don't like, exercise included. I need to exercise, too. Hey, you are motivating me to do something (what? I'm not sure yet). Thanks, Lori!

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl, wow me motivating someone to exercise?! :) Just kidding, it's a necessary burden for me.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I love the mouse!!!
I used to collect mice when I was a little girl!
What a cute stamp!

Anonymous said...

It's Gorgeous Girlfriend! Love it!

Apparently if you exercise long enough you crave it and can't wait to go...still hasn't happened to me, so I feel your pain! LOL Now you can feel mine and struggle to go too! *grin*