Monday, January 7, 2008


Here are two of the scrapbook pages I finished last week. They are kind of plain and not up to par with what I see out there but it's the best I could do with them. OK, so I had made a goal of finishing one of my 50 some odd half-done scrapbook pages a day. I haven't done any in a week! Ugh! I did do a whole bunch in one day (New Years Day actually) and then haven't done it since. Now how am I going to finish this if I don't do it? LOL! Why is it so hard to do this? I enjoy it but the title and journaling is just so drudge work to me. I love cards because they are "done" - no thinking up a title or writing a story. However today I had about an hour and I got something badly needed done. I organized my cards! I now have 3 shoe box sized boxes full with them filed under Christmas, His Birthday, Her Birthday, Blank, etc. and I used my nice little Brother P-Touch label printer and printed labels on front of each box what was in it. Now when I need a card I can go right to it! I am a happy camper. I definitely have too many that are blank or hello type cards and not enough birthday. So organizing helped this too. I had bought a nice organizer but it is way too small and I surpassed it about a year ago, even with giving out cards!

I am so excited too, I pre-ordered the new Cuttlebug embossing folders that come out the end of this month! I can't wait, there are some great new ones! I just wish they would make the imprint a full 4.25 x 5.5. Maybe they will with the new ones. Off I go, dinner is coming out of the oven.


Cheryl said...

They look great! What a great goal you set for yourself. Have you tried going through the half-done ones and figuring out the titles and journalling first and then going back to do the pages? Or is it the actually doing it that gets you, actually thinking up the title and journalling is the easy part? So I am not much help, but it sounded good at first.

Wow! That is so cool that you are getting organized.

Yay!! More Cuttlebug stuff!

Hope you caught your dinner before it got away from you!:-)(Had to say something 'cause that sounded funny to me.)

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl! I have the pictures and the paper and everything adhered, and even the title isn't so hard, I have to write it and adhere it and figure out how to finish it like tags and flower and other embellishments. Thats funny about dinner! It did sound that way! The timer went off and I had to go over to the oven so I just submitted the post :) Funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a fun day in Rhode Island?!!!!! I'm so glad we went to the water.


Cheryl said...

Your pages look really good! I haven't gone to look at the new Cuttlebug stuff yet.

papersunshine said...

That was a fun day! Nice to see some different scenery around there :)

Anonymous said...

scrapping and cooking and cardmaking and organizing and labeling and exercising...stop right now yer makin' me tired! LMAO

and do tell about the MUST HAVE Cuttlebug newbies when you get 'em!