Thursday, January 10, 2008


Have I shown you the mural of the Volcano and Tsunami on my son's bedroom wall? I just love it, she did an awesome job painting it and it so fits my little one's obsession! I love how she had the wave break onto the door. He wanted the "pipes" to show which is the inside of the volcano. Also the paint has texture in it so the brown feels like sand paper.

I have not created much this week. Busy schedule. I started a college course and I have a good amount of homework/reading to do and I am trying to figure out how to time everything. I am cutting back on reading so many of the yahoo and such groups I am in for one. Eeek, that takes hours a day in itself to read! Then as you know I joined Jazzercise in hopes to exercise some and that cuts into the "my time" to stamp or scrap too. I have been working on a get well card all day (I work on it for 5 minutes at a time LOL!) and when I am done with writing this I will finish it and put it on my blog tomorrow. I used some Basic Grey paper for it, pretty! Oh and get this, after I put stickles on the card the cat laid on it! I had gotten up to go do dishes or something in the kitchen and she took advantage of that. Now I have to put them on again and fix it, ugh! Yep, she is your typical cat all us crafters have to live with! I shall post a picture of her here too :) Give you something to look at least. OH dear, what a messy desk LOL!

So anyway the card will be up tomorrow.


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Love the mural!

We have twin cats!!

Mine's name is Monte'...what is yours?

papersunshine said...

Thanks! The cat is my oldest son's and let me tell you she loves him more than any cat I have ever seen love an owner or I should say her "subject" and he named her Rioki after some Anime cartoon. He got her when he was 10. I just call her Queen Kitty :)

Anonymous said...

cat in the middle of the scrapbooking stuff!!! That's what my cat does :)

papersunshine said...

Funny kitties, I wonder why they do it?!

Anonymous said...

and reading and homework and dishes and and and

okay exhausted now! LOL

Cool mural and Funny Kitty!