Friday, February 29, 2008

Gruffies are here!

Oh my goodness, these are so adorable! House Mouse has come out with another new line called "Gruffies". They are sweet bears. And I thought the Happy Hoppers were cute, these guys are even cuter.

I have been in bed sick with the Flu all week. Came down with it 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning (or at least that's when I woke up with the chills and a 102.7 temp!) and to top it off my 5 year old has been sick with it since Sunday. Now if I had enough strength I could haven driven myself to the doctor but by the time I did it was past the 48 hour mark for Tamiflu. So word to the wise, if you suddenly get a high fever with the chills and your body aches and you are exhausted - get to the doctor before the 48 hours has gone by! Fun taking care of a sick 5 year old from a bed, you end up getting up a lot!

Anyway back to the Gruffies. I received my Gruffie called "Tower of Presents" in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to stamp it. I feel better today (finally getting better!) so I sat down and made a card with it. So cute! It took forever to color in each present though and I signed up for a swap with it, yikes! I used the SU watercolor pencils and blending pen. I put stickles on the bows to have something special. He is actually supposed to be a Panda Bear but I felt like doing a brown bear today. As you can tell you can color it however you want. The sentiment says "You make me happy" and I think inside I will put "as a tower of presents" or something like that :) It is a big stamp so it is hard to mat and put a sentiment on. Never the less you can see such delight in his sweet face :)


Rachel said...

What a cute card! Love the giant stack of gifts :)

Cheryl said...

Sweet Lori, I am glad you are feeling better. No fun being sick when you have to still care for your family, especially a sick child. Glad it seems to be in the past for you now.

I love this stamp!! You did a great job.

Take care.

jan said...

This bear reminds me of the character "Cordaroy" in the picture books.

Carolyn King said...

This is your coloring.

So sorry you were sick--hope you are feeling better.

(to answer your ? from my blog--you can use any pencils that are NOT watercolor with gamsol. Hope this helps!)

Anonymous said...

Colourful card---I love it! The tower of presents is cute...and the gruffie is cute, but not as cute as the mice are! (IMHO) Tough to beat the mice methinks! Don't you agree? I know you secretly have shares in the company by now! LOL