Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brag Day

I just had to share these pictures of my little one today. I took his training wheels off this afternoon! This is the first time he had ridden his bike without them. He was very reluctant, didn't think he could do it but I got him started and he never looked back. He is so proud of himself he is beside himself. He had to go back out and ride one more time to see if he had forgotten! We called Daddy at work and told him and he got the appropriate "atta boys" then I took pictures. He is 5 years old. I also remember vividly the day my oldest rode his bike for the first time too without training wheels. He was 4. Yes, 4. Both my boys have good balance for their age. Naturally athletic. My oldest was told he could get a scholarship to college with his hand-eye coordination he has in Tennis but will he play Tennis? let alone any sports at all? NO! Why do kids with talent waste it? I am sick of forcing it with him (he is 15 now) so I am trying a different approach with the younger one! Anyway riding a bike is such a milestone for boys, they work hard at it and when they achieve it they own the world :) So thank you for looking at my sweet little one and his new achievement.


julie said...

Oh that's so exciting! I remember when I learned how to ride my bike. Can't remember how old I was but my parents were still together so I must have been around his age! I guess now we should say to you... good luck chasing him around the neighborhood!

Tabitha said...

That is awesome Lori! He's such a cutie!
Love all the cards you've done lately too!!

papersunshine said...

TY! Thanks :) Julie you are welcome to come chase him around ;) Too bad you and mom didn't get to come but I appreciate your trying!

Cheryl said...

Some great pictures! Luke learned to ride without training wheels last Spring/Summer. It is such an exciting time.

Whew, my internet been down the last few days again. Up now of course so I gotta get caught up.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so enjoyed this story, thanks for sharing this precious milestone with us!
And, your site is wonderful! I love your creative cards and such!
--Joyce (write2it @ scs)

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO JP!!! Awesome!!! Great pics...can't wait to see the layout!!!