Monday, March 31, 2008

Bronco Rider Card

Here is a fun CASE I did last week. I haven't decided what to use it for yet but I have several guy birthdays coming up soon. I used an image that I received in an exchange, I like the exchanges because I won't be making more than one or two cards with the image and then what would I do with $25 stamp set? I am getting to the point where I have enough stamps even though I see new ones I want I can't just use them once or twice! Right? LOL!

So for those of you who know us, we are on vacation right now. Really, I mean we are supposed to be in Williamsburg, VA! We were. We went up Friday night and was warned it would be a cold weekend and Sunday would be better than Saturday to go to Busch Gardens. So we went Saturday! Only because we had nothing else to do and wanted to go even if it would be more crowded. Well I had my LL Bean heavy winter jacket and put one on my little one (Daddy and brother knew how to dress themselves) and we fortunately didn't freeze to death! I think it was 48 degrees out, at most. With the wind it was rough. I saw mother's and daughters with shorts and strapped tank tops! What were they thinking? I saw one little girl who's lips were blue and she was sitting there shivering, I felt like telling the mom to go buy here a sweatshirt which was readily available all over the park! Ugh! So I will tell you more about that part of the trip tomorrow but suffice it to say it rained from Saturday night and is still raining today. Glad we didn't go on Sunday! There wasn't anything else for us to do (other than stores which my husband refuses to go to) that was indoor so we came home. Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown, etc. are all outdoors.

More to come tomorrow!


Cheryl said...

Yep, that is a great guy card. Looks good!

Take care.

papersunshine said...

Thanks! I need to make us of it :)

Anonymous said...

It's fabulous! I would like to buy it from you if you still have it! I know the perfect recipient! Let me know...