Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yet More Survivor Cards

I feel like I am not doing too well with my Survivor picks but then again I picked 8 and I have only lost 3! Here are a couple of very quick cards for Survivor Kathy. They are made with SU double sided designer paper and just made them simple but pretty.

Kids are on Spring break next week! I guess a lot of kids had this week as Spring Break, and I know of others having it later this month. I guess it's good everyone doesn't have it at the same time but it is confusing! It's strange, my 15 year old son is thrilled and my 5 year old is sad. Funny what 10 years of school will do to a kid, either that or it is the teenager 'tude :)


Rachel said...

How pretty! Like the color combo :)

Cheryl said...

Love the saying on the first one! Some wonderful cards.

papersunshine said...

Thank you Rachel and Cheryl! I do too :)

Anonymous said...

another pretty! you do great cards!

so long Kath...can't say I'm sad she's gone! lol


Anonymous said...

oh, and I really LOVE that Harmony saying. Awesome!