Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So the Stager Came

and this is my teenage son's room now! I had the pictures and red pillow etc. in there before but now that all the video games, computers and "crap" are gone his room looks 10 times bigger and fantastic! The only drawback is I have to make his bed everyday to look like that. He just throws the comforter on and slaps the pillows up there. She wanted this white sheet covering his black comforter and then show just the top part of the comforter folded back. So this is what a stager does and we sure have a good one! The other picture is what she did with the foyer. It had that gorgeous green and cream colored credenza before but it was huge and overpowering so she moved this table and the foyer does look more open. Besides after removing my scraproom you can now see the columns in the dining room LOL! She did a great job with the house and I am hoping for a quick sale :)


Cheryl said...

You do have a great stager! Your house looks beautiful! At first, I was wondering if these were going to be pictures of your new house inside (hint, hint).

Have a great day, Lori.

jan said...

Boy Lori, last time I was in Brian's room I could hardly move. It looks great :)

Sandy said...

How did you find a stager?? I have been watching HGTV lately and I am amazed at how they transform a house to get ready to sell. It is so cool.

I hope you sell your house quickly, so you can move and get your new stamp room set up ;-)

papersunshine said...

Cheryl- She did do a great job, I have pictures of the model for the inside of our new house but it is decorated so awesome it doesn't even look the same!

Yeah Jan, amazing what getting rid of video games can do!

Sandy - the real estate agent I have hired her! I didn't have to pay a thing, and she came back again on Sat. with bar stools for me to borrow! Awesome gal, really nice. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think being a stager would be a fun job! Lots of work out there for ya too! Looks amazing!