Monday, April 28, 2008

I made something finally!

These are for a swap I am in called "Grunge Tags". The idea is to use one of Tim Holtz techniques using his grunge type products. I used crackle paint, walnut ink stain, his acrylic paint daubers and some of my seashell stamps. I didn't have a way to do much more than this. So I made the best of it, I did the resist technique with the paint and the walnut ink, I did the crackle technique and a few other one's I read on his blog. Not the usual detail I would like but it was due Saturday and I simply didn't have the time to put into it then. They are kind of cool though :) So here ya go! Oh, we had 4 showings Saturday on the house and an offer! Wooo Hooo! Plus the open house had 11 couple come through in two hours. So we are happy! Praise God!


Cheryl said...

Some good tags there!

Wow! That is awesome that you had an offer with 4 showings. Hope it goes on through for you. Saying a little prayer.

Take care, Lori.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl, I am praying too - would love all the prayers I can get :) We have had showings all this week, it is tiring and the dogs have to ride around in the car with me every time! They get car sick... But if this offer goes through we will be done! The tags are definitely the grunge look, thanks!

papersunshine said...

Wow, apparently blogspot has gone wonkers! What I am seeing right now are not what I uploaded! Please ignore the mess and hopefully blogpsot will clean up it's problem! :)

Anonymous said...

you still have time to craft? you are making me like crap right now. hahaha

they turned out awesome! great work my friend!