Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Dinner

I just had to take pictures of this place! I was a little disappointed, well in a strange way. They just redid the building! Put on new siding, new roof and pine straw. Looks brand new and beautiful! Which is good... but I wanted to show you how old and country looking this place was but alas it is renewed.

The signs are kind of old looking still.

This is the sign on the country road - blink and you will miss it! All you see is this sign on the left and you have to "know" to turn right at the road there and go down it just a bit. But with all of the trees you would never know it is there!

The inside is covered in John Deere, Nascar and other "country folk" type items. These are as you can see, on the ceiling. This is in the entrance.

It was as awesome as last year, the food was great and we all enjoyed every bite. The fried squash this time was zucchini which I love. No pickled watermelon rinds though! Boo Hoo. My youngest was thrilled they had Goldfish on the salad bar. The crackers that is, not the fish :)

Just a cool looking old farmhouse along the road to go there.

Same thing, just along the road, pretty countryside. There is a lot of rural countryside in NC. We live in the city area so all we see is tons and tons of houses and stores etc. but when we leave just 1/2 hour out of our area there are hundreds of miles of this. It really amazes me we all congregate in just a few areas in the state. Ok hope you enjoyed the tour!


jan said...

Got the message on the fried pickles - we MUST go!!!!!! These pictures look so much like CT. I can't wait for our vacation this July to see all the country side on our way to the beach. I'll email you late Friday or Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Pickled watermelon rinds? Hmmm...gonna have to put those on the old list of things to try that I've not heard of before! : )

Love how you shared the 'road-trip' part of the pics...very beautiful countryside...I think I'd like to live on the edge of the city and have a quick option to go either way in the morning: into the city or into the country! How wonderful would that be? : )

Anonymous said...

had to go back...figured I didn't sign this one either...and I hadn't. Duh! I'm sure you knew by the comments anyways...