Friday, July 18, 2008


No, sorry not the TV show :) our new house. I have a request to post some pictures since it has been painted, even though I am waiting for rugs, furniture and pictures to be put up. It is a work in progress :)

I am not going to be posting for a little over a week, I am going on a trip to the Outer Banks! My best friend I grew up in California with (and her daughter!) are flying to meet me and the boys and we are driving there and spending a week seeing the sites. I can't wait! We have been planning this trip for a year now, we are going to go to see all the fun things. No hubby's to rush us along either LOL! I am looking forward to seeing the beach, feeling the sand in my toes and breathing the salty/fresh air! I so miss living near the ocean. Anyway I will post when I get back. TTFN!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And you already know I've claimed the sun room as my own! LOL