Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am on vacation at the Outer Banks and decided to upload my pictures on my laptop. I have local wifi so I thought I would surprise everyone with the first three lighthouses we have visited! The first one is Currituck Lighthouse, the second is Bodie Island lighthouse and the third is our most famous - Hatteras lighthouse. It was closed today to climb due to heat, it was over 100 degrees inside the lighthouse and with heat index that brings it to 110 so we are going back at 9am to climb it. I will tell more of the trip later!


Cheryl said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful trip to take with your best friend and all the kids! Can't wait to see more pictures...what a beautiful area!


papersunshine said...

I am happy to! We sure enjoyed it :)