Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Kittens

Nothing is cuter than a little kitten! Other than a little puppy of course ;) We got two kittens from the animal shelter this week so I thought I would post some pictures of the kittens. The gray tabby is somewhere around 5-6 weeks old and the black kitty is 10 weeks old. As you can see I posted more of the baby kitty because I think he is adorable! My oldest son would disagree, he loves black cats and has always wanted one. So here they are :)


jan said...

So super cute!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

What cute kittens!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Sooo sweet!! They are always the sweetest when they are little (at least that's what I think :o).

DART said...

Brand new kitties in your brand new home??? You ARE brave! hee hee

I'm with your son about black cats though...*grin*...had one myself for many many many years so I'm a tad biased.

What are their names?


papersunshine said...

Thanks, they are trouble makers though! The tabby is Oliver after the kids video about the kitten in NYC and the black one is Atra which is Latin for shadow or something like that my son says. We hope he picks a cuter name!

Tracy said...

Aww I want kitties :( they so cute!!

Hey Mum took B to the pet shop the other day to look. And they had a puppy chihuahua!!!
Mum said Bella fell in love :)
*rubs hands with glee* part one of operation dog-for-my-bella under way :P

papersunshine said...

Hehe Tracy they are cute, I was just playing with baby kitty and he is so flexible I rolled him up into a ball and he looked at me with those big eyes and I all I see is legs and eyes LOL! Yay on seeing the Chihuahua and working on yer mum! I will say a chihuahua would not be the best for her, even mine who grew up with kids arent thrilled with them. Pomeranians are good with kids and adorable!