Friday, August 15, 2008

Surfin' USA

Oh my goodness did my son have a blast! He got to surf with a REAL surfer! He loves everything about surfing and this program is wonderful. It is called Surfer's Healing and it is totally free to the children. If you want to donate to a good cause this program is non-profit and the kids get a tremendous boost in their whole behavior and outlook. It really brings them out. Here is a link to the pictures of the day we went The surfers flew from Hawaii and Southern California to surf with the kids. Anyway he rode out with his surfer on a long board and then the surfer caught the wave and pulled him up to stand. He was enthralled! Then he asked if he could stand up by himself and he went out several more times and stood up himself! The surfer stayed on the surfboard and stood up with him but let him stand up and balance all by himself. I wish it wasn't a 2 1/2 hour drive to the beach, I would buy him a board and take him all Summer. I grew up on the beach and this is the farthest away I have ever lived from the ocean. Even when I lived in CT. I lived on the shore. I will try to get down there at least once a month in the Summer now since I managed to survive driving there and back in one day! I called my friend from Cal. when my eyes started closing during the drive :) She chatted away with me and it got me there safely. I just never have been able to stay awake driving or whenever I sit down and sit still for that matter! I am sorry the pictures are so small and you can't really see him, my camera is not capable of taking any closer images. They were out a ways in the water. They gave the kids a medal on a lei and my son thinks he has an olympic medal now (I did try to explain it isn't but oh well). I am so happy for him!


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Looks like he had a blast---that is so cool!


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So glad I could help keep you awake along the drive :)

I looked at that website where you posted all the picture but I can't figure out which one is the wipeout. Can you send that one to my email?