Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This certainly looks better in person. It is called the stained glass technique. It is the Monday challenge this week on SCS. Basically you stamp on acetate and then from the underside you paint on colored (with reinkers) crystal effects (in my case Diamond Glaze) and mount it on a cut out window with white card stock beneath. Make sense? It was my idea from that other card to cut out along the seashells :) You are supposed to stamp a sentiment on the white part to show through the clear part but I didn't like it. Kind of ruined the picture to me. So there you have it! Hope your not getting sick of the beach themed cards :)


jan said...

This is the best card deplicting our trip. This looks just like all 3 of us girls on "Shell Island." I'm so glad you agreed to go shelling. We'll never forget the jellies and bat rays following you! If you don't know who to send this card to, I want it to put in an album. Oh, have fun at the beach on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

sick of beach cards? nope, not ever! well, at least until Christmas comes...don't want to miss out on those pretties! hee hee

Fun card! Sounded like too much work though. haha Damn I'm lazy this summer....ah yes, the lazy days of summer. All makes sense to me now!
*cheesy grin*


papersunshine said...

Thanks Jan! I will send it to you then, and yes those jellies sure liked me! The rays were amazing, all I could think of was Steve Irwin though!

Thanks Donna, lazy can be good and with all your camping and such you keep rather busy!