Friday, September 5, 2008

Monochromatic challenge

Ahhhh monochromatic cards. Love them, love the look and love how easy they are to make! So here are two I did this week for the challenge. Used Tilda again, I only have 6 of the images left. I foresee buying a Tilda in the future :) It is also the challenge on Tilda & Co. challenge blog of using embossing folder on the card. The other I was trying to stretch myself a bit and do the TechnoStamper sketch and the square was just too small for any image I wanted to use so I used the square but cut out the butterfly and put it on top. Hope that is acceptable! Love Pink Pirouette, ordered the designer series paper in it and that is the paper you see plus the Bella Rose paper of course :)

I am on a roll this week, I have designed my House Mouse card for the SOTM swap and cut all the paper for the 6 cards. Also made yet another card today which I will post coming up. Too much fun! We are expecting Hurricane/TS Hannah this evening late and tomorrow so let's see how much rain we get. I doubt we will lose power but you never know the path it will take. If it goes ashore in SC it will go through our area oddly enough (due to the curve of the coast). If it hits NC shore it will skirt up the coast and go North and we won't get much.

Now a quick note to my mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!


Cheryl said...

"Happy Birthday to you, Lori's Mom"!!:o)

Nice cards!! I think I like more color. but you did do a great job on these!

jan said...

Back from our trip and it looks like I missed a bunch of your posts. Anyway, your Hana Tropical Storm is HUGE! We flew over it at 38,000 feet on the way home and sometimes we were completely surrounded by clouds! Talk about a bumpy ride threw the Caribbean! Plus, on our way to Barbados we flew around it and still got bumped around on a prop plane! I'll take my earthquakes any day!

Bev said...

Two stunning cards!! The Tilda one took my breath away .... then I scrolled down and saw the butterfly one - WOW!!!

hugs Bev x

DART said...

Hope your Mom had a fabulous birthday and ate lots of cake!!!

Cards are preeeeettttyyyyy!!! Love 'em both!

papersunshine said...

Thanks Cheryl! I will tell her :) You might like my next card then, it's got some color hehe!

Wow Jan, they flew you guys in a prop plane near a storm like this?! EEEK. Glad you're back :)

Thank you so much Bev! Thanks for taking a moment to comment too :)

Donna my sisters took my mom out for steak and at 83 if she can eat steak then all the more power to her LOL! That's her special treat :) Thank you!!!