Thursday, September 4, 2008

This boy has talent!

Ok so I am trying to make a card for a challenge on SCS and my 6 year old is dying to do one himself. He just amazes me sometimes, he knew exactly what he wanted to do! He asked me for a Halloween stamp set, the watercolor pencils AND blender pen, a black ink pad and he went through my card stock scraps and ribbon and picked out what he wanted! I didn't offer this mind you, he asked for it! So he sat down, stamped his images, colored his pictures (all by himself mind you) cut his paper (I did show him how to use the cutter and how to mark the size with a pencil) and he made up his design and glued, with a gluestick no less, the paper and ribbon down. I did not design these nor did I tell him what to do. He just looked at my stuff lying around and did it. It took 2 1/2 hours but that is ok, I did mine at the same time :) So here are his creations, unedited and unassisted :) Oh and I couldn't resist taking a picture of my little card maker at work!

Note: Not sure why the last picture keeps loading sideways, I have fixed it several times and it isn't cooperating! I will try to turn it again later.


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Wow! I am impressed!!

Cheryl said...

Must get it from his momma! He did a wonderful job.

papersunshine said...

Thanks Denise! Thanks Cheryl, he certainly loves to do it!

DART said...

Amazing--->He's had his eye on you Mom!!!

These cards turned out fabulous...and now you have a stamping buddy--->win/win!!! Well,
probably better for him because he doesn't have to buy any stamps!!! lol

papersunshine said...

Thanks Donna! I bought him one of those dollar sets of Halloween stmaps today and he made the cutest picture with them :) He loves to color with my watercolor pencils and then use the blender pen!