Monday, November 10, 2008


I love this stamp! I just felt like using it this weekend. I used diamond glaze for the balloon and the flames of the candles. I distressed the edges with one of those razor blade tools and sponged with vintage photo distress ink. I am on a roll with sponging the edges again! I also have these flowers sitting around in this teal/turquoise sorta color so I need to make cards with this color to use them. It goes ok, at least it goes with the "spot" theme. Anyway it was a fun card to make.

I am trying to keep up with my birthday fairy duties, the Survivor cards I need to make for my picks that get voted off and my House Mouse swap and now I have joined a Christmas Elf swap and a Magnolia card kit swap. Plus the challenges :) Keeps me busy!


DART said...

cute card with words of wisdom too!


jan said...

LOVE this one!

Rachel said...

I totally agree with the stamp!!!
Dessert First!!!!!! :)

Cheryl said...

A fun card! Love it! A few years ago I read an article about what celebrities do to stay in shape and one of them (who it was, escapes me right now) said they eat dessert in the morning so they would have all day to work it off. I'd probably "forget" and have dessert

papersunshine said...

Thanks so much! Got to hand it to the stamp LOL!

That is funny Cheryl, I think I would "forget" too ;)