Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Noble Deer

This set is so awesome for masculine cards, seems there are so many flower sets it's nice to have one of these. I made this card for the Monday lunchtime sketch challenge, another great sketch! I made this without the embellishments and wondered what I was thinking? It was so plain! I should have done something with the green piece, like emboss it or background stamp it but too late it was adhered. So I went on a search to figure out what to do to spruce up the card. I already had the grommets as that was part of the sketch :) So I got out my package of these chipboard flourishes and good heavens that turned into a 2 day struggle LOL! I first used crackle paint on it, which looked rather cool but it was the wrong color. So then I tried to sponge it with brown, not good either. Then I painted it with Lake color sponge dauber by Ranger and ewww again - didn't match. So today I am hunting through my stuff and I have green distress ink! It is called peeled paint, on it went and it matched. Now I am happy :) Then I was told by a gal on SCS that the branch punch I wanted was on sale at Michael's so off I went today to hunt it down. Once again not easy, it wasn't with all of the Martha Stewart stuff, it was on a island display with the Christmas MS stuff. Just happy I found it. So now I can be like all the other SCS'ers and have this leaf next to my Prima flowers LOL! It's all fun, I suppose it seems silly to people like my husband who said, "that card looks like all your other cards, ho hum" when I showed him my proud creation. Oh well, I don't like watching his "Tap Out" shows on TV so we just have different taste.


DART said...

was meant to be:
deer + hunting = t'is the season...
hunting season that is! : )

card looks great, sorry it took you a couple of days to get it the way you envisioned and you just stop showing yer cards to yer hubby if he's gonna be negative about it! that's what you do...and you just ignore his dumb tv shows too. that'll be your silent revenge! lol men. lol I say you start buying his birthday card from now on. he'll see. lol

I'm just teasing of course, but I am glad you've got yer blog here to showcase all your pretties and all of us to tell ya just how FAB you really are at all of this!!!

MJ said...

Wonderful, love those large eyelets on there too. What a fabulous guy card. Thanks so much for playing along.

Cheryl said...

A great guy card!! Hey, people pay good money for cards like this. So don't let your hubby rain on your parade. Is he saying it needs spruced up? Let's see...glitter um... no...that speckle stuff...no...pink...for sure no...pretty little flowers ... again no...I don't get what he's thinking.

papersunshine said...

Thank you Donna, I appreciate all the fab comments as you can see I dont get them at home LOL! That should have been my card title :)

It was fun MJ!

Cheryl - I think he is telling me that he is just not impressed with cards anymore since I make so many. Basically they are all cards. I could put 100 dollar bills on them and they wouldn't impress him anymore LOL! Thanks for the encouragement!