Monday, November 24, 2008

Give Thanks

Here are a couple of Thanksgiving cards. I haven't really made many as I don't usually send out Thanksgiving cards. The first one is a beautiful stamp by Northwoods that I purchased a few months ago with a gift certificate I received for my birthday. I thought it was so pretty and I have nothing like it! It is very detailed, takes a long time to color but it is really pretty. It is large so to mount is on a 1/4 sheet sized card (A2 or 4-1/4 x 5-1/2) you really don't have much room to make any sort of arrangement with it. However I really like how it came out and the papers I used with it worked nicely.

The second one is the same stamp however I framed it with a circle frame I made with a corner punch. You take the corner piece off the corner punch and take a circle and basically punch it eight times evenly in a circle and trim where they meet and the center piece falls out. Then you have a frame! It looks so cool. You can see the tutorial here or video tutorial here.

The bottom image is of some Fall cards I made last year at a Stampin' Up class. I just thought I would post them for ideas for this season.


jan said...

They are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Have a super Thanksgiving.

Cheryl said...

I love the first one the best! That's a wonderful stamp!

Great job on all of them!

DART said...

I'm still loving the sunflower on blue from last year's selection! My eyes are drawn directly to it...

Of course they are all beautiful...but we all have our favs too! hee hee

Great work L!

Manhattan Scrapper said...

The first card you posted is fabulous! (Not that the rest aren't.) I can't imagine how long it takes to color that image in, but you did a great job!