Monday, December 8, 2008

The 3 day Card and it's Inspiration

This is the card that took three days. Can you believe it?! I love the first one I made (the horizontal one), love the blues (not quite navy, blue bayou and white), love this stamp and love the snowflakes embossed on white. The "3 day" one is off color wise due to lighting (it is white not vanilla) BUT it shows the sparkle better this way and that was more important. I might make more and try some other layouts and send them as my Christmas cards along with the 25 I have already made :) Oh, they were done at a stamp-a-stack I went to at my SU demo's house. We have so much fun at that every year. I might share those later this week if I can.


Cheryl said...

Such nice cards!! Great job once again!

You were asking about how to get the comments to do that on my blog. If you haven't figured it out, you go to settings and click on comments and then go down to:
Comment Form Placement
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Pop-up window
Embedded below post

Click on Embedded below post. Ok, I think this is what makes it do that, let me know if that doesn't work.

papersunshine said...

Thanks!!! I just did it and we will see ig it works, I am sure it will- thanks again!

Cheryl said...

It worked!! You're Welcome!

DART said...

pretty cards Lor!