Monday, December 8, 2008

Love Basic Grey Again This Christmas!

This is the Wassail collection, there are some really cool Snowmen, flowers and such in this paper pack but for these two cards I was using some closely matching papers from the set. This is the sketch challenge from last week on SCS and I did one horizontal and one vertical. I added a second little block to the one because it just needed something more afterwards.

I have been super busy lately and over the last three days I made one card, LOL! It was sitting on my slightly less messy desk and I would do a part and go back to it and I finished it this morning. I did another one like it last week and liked it so much I used the leftover papers to make a second. I hope to get to more this week, last week I made a bunch of cards but now my 6 year old is home on track out until Jan. 5th so I won't have as much free time.

I have been reading a lot of Santa and Jesus comparison emails today, the subject of the day in my inbox! I never thought of it this way but the story goes that Santa is watching you checking to see who's naughty and nice and if you are bad you won't get a present. Then as you get older somehow in your mind you transfer that to God is watching you, waiting for you to be bad etc. I am grateful I have learned that God's grace does not count on our being good or bad! It counts on our believing in Jesus. I hope kids don't get that from the Santa story. God is not Santa. Thank God!

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Cheryl said...

I absolutely love these! So very nice!