Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Martians Have Arrived

And they are cute! Here is a batch of Martians we made yesterday, there were about 3 casualties which promptly got dissected (that's in the directions)! They even give you tweezers... We had them take turns flying the UFO and my three are now on my coaster visiting me. I love the imagination of a child! We have been enjoying this silly thing. We are experimenting with different ways to use the colors and are getting better at them not running into each other. There is even an official web-site for this kit - http://www.hasbro.com/martianmatter/. These are small and the pictures of the ones we made are very hard to tell but I wanted to share anyway. I know, I promised a paper craft and I will, really :) eventually!


Cheryl said...

Those do look fun! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

papersunshine said...

You're welcome, a warning - they dry up and shrivel if left out a couple of days. Not that you really need to keep them around LOL!