Monday, December 29, 2008

The Halloween Gingerbread House

At least that is what my 6 year old calls it! You see this is the first Gingerbread house I have ever made (his 3rd!). I made the icing mix according to directions and it was so thick it wouldn't spread and just sat like a lump of dough. We put the house together with that mess. Then you have to let it set for 4 hours so we left it overnight and covered the icing with plastic. The next morning we added a little (like a teaspoon!) of water to the mix and stirred it up. Now it is too drippy! Made a drippy mess for the doors and window LOL! That is why it is Halloween looking, like those dripping horror movie things he says. I didn't know he ever saw a horror movie :) Anyway I mixed the red and the green and we proceeded to ice and put the candy on anyway. I was not in the mood to go hunting down the sugar stuff to make the icing thicker and just my luck I would end up back and forth making it too thick and too thin so this is it. I am not sure I want to make one again next year. I am not a baker - yes I know I didn't cook this but it had icing LOL! I can cook a mean roast, saute anything and make a to-die-for lasagna but don't ask me to make a cake or pie! If it requires accurate measuring I am not your gal. Anyway thought I would share our disaster, fun and cute but a disaster!

On another note I have not made one thing paper-craft wise for the last week. I plan to get back on it though! However, I have made martians. Lot's of them! Grandma gave him an Alien making kit for Christmas and we opened it today. Three hours later and about 15 martians or so we still have enough left to play another day. This is actually a very fun project! Finally one of these play-doh/mold making kits that works effortlessly and with real results. We had a lot of fun with it :) I will hopefully post a paper creation next time :)


HoleyCow said...

cant wait to see your haunted mansion next year.. you know how to make one PERFECTLY! and I bet it will be better then the one I made this year.. cuz one can eat yours!!! think POSITIVE! see.. this was just a practice run for next year.. thats all..

jan said...

Here's a little secret from you BFF who had to do 20 of these darn Gingerbread Houses with 1st graders. Forget the make it icing stuff, just buy the ready made white icing from Betty Crocker and spread it all over the house. Get some ice cream sugar cones for trees and add green food coloring to the icing for the color of pine and frost the cones. The candy and marshmallows stick to this icing wonderfully! :)

Cheryl said...

I've never made gingerbread house so you're one up on me. You should try again next year with the tips Jan gave you, it will probably be beautiful!

I'd like to see those martians, sounds like something my oldest (and proably his brothers) would love. Grandmas are good at finding the fun stuff, aren't they?

papersunshine said...

Mindi, nothing could be better than your haunted house! That was AMAZING. I do agree the doors and windows look similar LOL :)

Jan if I only I had known! Eeek what a mess LOL! I may just try it again next year now that you told me, he loves making them!

Cheryl I took pictures, you get the kit at wal-mart for 14.99 and the part you make the martians with is an UFO and it has seats for them to fly it when you are done! It is well thought out :) I will post later :)