Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Clip for Mom

This is the K-Nex Roller Coaster kit our son got from Grandma for Christmas and I just had to video tape it to show her :) It makes several different ones but I get a kick out of this one because when the roller coaster goes over the edge to go down you can hear the people scream! LOL! The imaginary people of course - there is a little sound box and it has a detector to make the sounds of a real roller coaster. He loves it. He loves everything he got for Christmas, I am thrilled he is at the age where everything is fun and nothing is "uncool" yet. Anyway, Mom - hope you like seeing this! Oh and if you have the volume up enough you can hear the "people".


Cheryl said...

Ummm... Not only can I not hear the people, I can't seem to see what you are talking about either. ;o) I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this kinda stuff.

papersunshine said...

It didn't upload (and it didn't tell me that!) so I had to re-do it :( it works now! Sorry!!! Yeah, aren't these things fun! I put it on youtube too just in case:

Cheryl said...

Cool!! that is so neat! My boys would love it!

I have that (not uploading) happen quite a bit, actually.