Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three Very Different Pictures

If someone can figure out how to rotate this image, let me know! I have removed it and uploaded it, it is not rotated on my computer. Ugh! Anyway,
I love this set, I wasn't going to buy another Christmas set this year but I just love this one and as you have seen I have made a few different cards with it. I CASEd a card by peanutbee on SCS, she used a different stamp but a similar one. I added the glitter and even had the same snowflakes :) I am so loving these blue cards with the snowflake embossing folder with the white card stock. Last year I made a beautiful purple and gold card of the City of David set so this is quite different! I asked my mom what color card she wanted and she said red and green. Ooops, hope she likes this! I actually made about 10 different Christmas cards this year and seem to be making them still. I am just happy I finally got them in the mail!

When I said "pretty Chloe" in the post the other day with the dogs and cats with the Santa hat on I figured you might wonder how could she be pretty? So I took a picture of her in the back yard this morning. The grass is wet and she didn't want to stand in it, so she is sitting on the edge of my son's swing set. Yes, our grass is green and it has been in the 60's and 70's until today. It is supposedly going to be 70 on Christmas day, sorry that is just wrong! I want it to feel like Christmas!

Do you ever download your pictures from your camera and find strange pictures on them? That would be me, my 16 year old son likes to take pictures of food. I don't know why but this is not the first one I have found LOL! He said his Ramen noodles were "epic" and he had to take a picture. Hmmm.


jan said...

Love the card and the picture of you baby. But, the word "Epic" does not come to mind when describing the noodles. LOL! Thanks for calling last night, I always look forward to the birthday phone call :)

papersunshine said...

Thanks Jan :) I hope your birthday dinner and cake were nice! Yeah, Epic well that's Brian LOL!

Donna thank you for fixing the picture for me, I tried several times but you had the right formula! It works now :)

Cheryl said...

Yeah, I am with Jan on that one, the word Epic does not come to my mind. Better not say what does.

Your puppy dog is a sweetie, that's for sure!

I love this card! It is very purty!