Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Snow Pictures!

Our home from across the street.

Sampson wants in! See Kitty in the corner almost looks like he is laughing.

Snowing hard (for NC anyway!)

Not enough hill to sled but that won't stop him from trying!

Almost 7 inches!

Bare with me, this blog also serves my family and friends besides my card making friends :) I will have a card tomorrow for you that has gotten the 2nd most and soon to be most comments on SCS than any card I have made so there will be a card!


Cheryl said...

Wow! That's more than we have. Is there a park with a hill you could go to? That's what we do.

That is a fun picture of your dog and cat! :o)

jan said...

How cold did it get to? Here in CA, you know, 3 miles from the beach, we are in shorts and bare feet. Yep, winter in SoCal. Love the puppy outfit :)

Jessica G. said...

Wow -- you had more snow than we did in Illinois! Looks like everyone enjoyed it, except maybe Sampson!

HoleyCow said...

hey! its your blog silly goose... if you wanna post a picture of dirt.. YOU CAN! people are gratefull when you post a card.. but its not your job to supply them daily..
enjoy your blog.. dont let it be your work!

DART said...

YAY for snow!!! I know how much you guys were wanting some!!! Enjoy it and keep it back there will ya? hahaha (was FUN to see some snow pics from you for a change!)

and ditto what Mindi says: your blog, your content. Me? Personally, I like it when you change it up every now and again by sharing your world! : )

papersunshine said...

It was down into the teens Jan! Today is a nice 50 degree day except the snow is melting.

The dogs do not enjoying it at all! Fussy little things :)

Well thank you Mindi! You are right :) I worry too much!

Donna I am sure you didnt want to see more now LOL! Thanks :)