Tuesday, January 20, 2009


YIPPEEEEE! SNOW! We are soooooo excited! This is the most snow we have had in years,looks like 4 inches and that is enough for the kids to play in! They are so excited, plans of snowmen and sledding and of course, snowball fights LOL! OK, Some of you are thinking, "She is nuts", but it is all relative. Some places have gotten more snow than they would like, others always get a ton and then there is us, praying for that one snowfall a year that we may or may not get. Just be patient with our enthusiasm here and I will try to be patient when y'all complain of the snow :) LOL!

I will be back later with more pictures but this is what I took as soon as there was enough light out to see the pictures. Off to make breakfast!


Cheryl said...

Have fun!!

Tracy said...

Oh how divine!!

Cheryl said...

Ours is melting quickly. 43 degrees today. Oh, well, time for Spring!!