Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Same Paper, Same Stamp Set, 3 Cards

Now that I think about it this would be a nice gift card set. I was making my cards for my first Survivor voted off and the requirement is that each card is different. I dont have a lot of time to think up three totally different cards so I decided to use the same paper and stamp set but vary each card to make them look different. I would file these under the clean and simple category :) So here they are, using last years (or the year before??) designer paper from SU Polka dots and Paisley maybe? And then the stamp set is Live Your Dreams. Now to get them in the mail. I have 5 Survivors remaining and I have won over 25 cards the last two times, so far I have received more than I sent! We will see this time though, I have totally random players - not one's I meticulously chose. You just never know on this game which is why I like it!

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Jessica G. said...

Beautiful cards! I always appreciate a versatile stamp set and this post reminds me I need to ink up this set more often. It's amazing how unique all three cards are and each impressive on its own merits. Good luck on Survivor!