Friday, February 20, 2009

Remember Flowah Bella?

This is the very first "Bella" I bought. At the time this was one of the few and most popular. Now I think there are at least more than 50 and I am not sure how many! My mom asked me a while ago, "what ever happened to that curly headed girl?" So here you go Mom! My hair is this curly if I don't straighten it so I kind of have a kinship with her. Oh and that I dream of being that skinny LOL!

This is for the sketch challenge on Splitcoast #216, love the cards being made with this sketch! I think I love any of them that use circles or semi-circles! My card however, just didn't come out as spectacular as I thought it would. I used the Urban Prairie paper again, it has so many different patterns in it, I love it! Without going into detail about every little part of this I will tell you about my "mishap". Because well, it is more interesting than "punched out the branch and...". So I paper pieced Bella's dress with Urban Prairie paper. OK came out fine. Then I colored in the flowers in Bella's pot. OK not bad, Then I thought, "oooo let's add some sparkle to the flowers". Bright idea, NOT. It ended up looking like a glumpy mess of Stickles. YUCK!

It sat there for two days while I tried to decide what to do. Well this morning came and I had another "bright" idea! Find some SU designer paper with flowers on it and cut out the flowers to glue over the nasty Stickle mess. Now to find paper that matches AND small enough flowers. I'll be darned, the "Bella" paper from SU worked! Yes! However the flowers I needed were the smallest ones and have you ever cut tiny itty-bitty flowers out? Yikes, but I did it, 7 of them. Glued, yes glue, on top (because I found out you can't scrape off Stickles) of the mess and I think it looks so much better. That is the first time I had a disaster with Stickles. They are usually great. Oh and I will add that I put Diamond Glaze on the blue dot in the center of the flower and it looks just like I put a blue dew drop or something on top. That was not a disaster :)


Jessica G. said...

Flowabella was one of my first Bellas and still a favorite, too. Great paper piecing on her dress and the flowers are wonderful! I'm the same way with my mistakes -- I 'stubborn' mistakes out until I get the look I want!!

Cheryl said...

I love it, Lori!! It looks great!