Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Card and Snow Pics

I made this card for my sister for her birthday. But then I didn't feel it was good enough so I made her another that I will post after she receives it. I was just not happy with the coloring I did on the bird. It just doesn't look good enough. See, my sister is a "real" artist. She went to RISD - Rhode Island School of Design. She is talented in many things - she used to make beautiful porcelain dolls, she can sew anything and makes beautiful pillows, curtains, clothes etc. and as a side note made me the world's coolest purse when I was a teenager- out of a pair of patched up denim jeans! She also weaves incredible blankets, with this GIANT loom (I think that is what it is called?) with thousands of threads and of course she can weave many other things, she used to paint and I think she still does needlework. At one time she was an interior decorator and well as you can see many things. I am just not as talented as her but I have the craft bug :) So anyway she loves blue and I am happy with that part of the card anyways LOL! I am happy with the card I did end up sending to her though.

Now for the snow. These are just two pictures this time of the snow, we had two days of rain first, maybe that is why it piled up and sat on the branches so pretty. It was a scene from a Christmas card :)


Cheryl said...

I like the bird.

Very nice snow pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Take care, Lori.

Jessica G. said...

Amazing snow photos -- we barely had flurries and we are definitely norht of you!

I'm in the same crafting boat as you because my dad is an artist. I tend to stress more when creating his cards, but he is always very complimentary. Maybe it's because he knows how much effort it takes?? Can't wait to see your final BD card because this one is beautiful!