Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just love the whimsical charm Rachelle Anne Miller creates in her stamps. This is one of my absolute favorites, called peek-a-boo. I thought it was a kitty but someone else thinks it's a bunny, what do you think? I made the first card for someone as a thank you note and loved it so much I made a second one. Now I don't know which to keep and which one to send LOL! I used this weeks sketch from Splitcoast. Anyway I had a lot of fun coloring it with my water color wonder set but once again am thinking about getting Prismacolor pencils. I just watched Gina K's tutorial on StampTV for using odorless mineral spirits and now know why they didn't work for me. I have water color pencils! Not wax based ones. So anyway I just want brighter color than the watercolor crayons give (it takes too long to get it darker with layers) and I don't want to buy Copics because in order to get enough colors to look good you have to spend $200. Sooo we will see :) Which colored card do you like better? I can't decide!

Now on to something else, I was tagged by Mindi in her blog and now I am to go to my 6th folder in my pictures and get the 6th picture and share it! This is too funny because it is where I was messing with this web-site called that you can insert your picture into the picture of hairstyles from all the different decades just to see what one would look like in the old days or new days if you are older LOL! So this is what my son Brian would look like if he grew up in the 1950's. I did all of us but this is the 6th one so I am following along. It's hilarious! Now I am supposed to tag 6 people but I don't know my blogger friends well enough to tag them with this so I will leave it up to you to play along :)


Cheryl said...

I think it's a kitty, too. Sooo sweet! I like both color combo's but lean more toward the first.

Your son really looks great with the 50's look!

jan said...

I would play along but I don't understand how to? I bet Brian is not happy with you right now.

Jessica G. said...

Isn't amazing how changing the color combo can really change the feel of a card? I'm in a summer mood today, so I think the second is my favorite. Both are awesome!

And speaking of awesome, I left you a 'One Beautiful Blog' award on my blog:

Don't feel bad if you can't play along (I could only award 3 of 7), but I just wanted to let you know I admire your blog!

DART said...

I love her art! These are cute and colourful cards...just my type! : )

I bet a certain fellow is rather relieved to have not been born earlier for once! LOL