Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Flower Fields

Welcome to the Flower Fields!

We went to the Flower Fields near Carlsbad, CA. What a beautiful place! 55 acres of flowers. It is a Ranunuculus farm (yes that is how it is spelled!), rows and rows of colors in the Spring. There is also a maze made of sweet peas, very pretty shades of pink and purple. It was a foggy morning on the coast, we could barely see the ocean, if at all. It wasn't too hot though so that was a plus!

They just keep going and going off into the distance.

Dew on the sweet peas.

Part of the garden.

A close up of these gorgeous flowers, just beautiful and so many colors! They are about 4-5 inches across.


Jessica G. said...

Wow -- gorgeous photos! I've never been to this farm, but if we make it back to CA, it will have to be on the 'must do' list!

jan and rachel said...

I'm so glad you were here to go with us this year :) We had a great time! These are our favorite flowering spring bulbs.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pictures. So pretty!

DART said...

Would you look at all those flowers! Fabulous!