Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Miss Anya Collection

This pretty gal is part of a trio from the Miss Anya Collection. I colored her first so I could send her to my BFF's daughter who, by the way, looks a lot like her! I love this set of stamps, notice I always say I love my stamps?! LOL! I tried to make it all matchy matchy and pretty in pink. I used my silver ink pen - the kind you shake A LOT to get the ink to come out, anyway it is on the boots, purse and I dotted her hair band and skirt with it and it does sparkle in person. I also used my water color wonder crayons to color it. The purple butterfly does actually match better than it looks in this photo! Anyway she is a cutie pie and I shall use the other two images soon!


Jessica G. said...

Sweet! These Anyas are really adorable and the butterfly is a great touch!

Rachel said...

My Card!!!!! You are right, I do look kinda like her! LOL :)

DART said...

lovin' all the butterflies on the cards lately...seems I've been MIA to your blog, but I'm all caught up now! Lots of great things to see as always!!! : )