Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Apothecary Art Stamps and Dies

I am making 10 cards for my Survivor card pool I was in and I won this season! So I get 18 cards for winning the sole survivor and then a few more for some of the others that came in close. I had 6 survivors picked in all this season and it was the best I have ever done. Just lucky choices really :) So since this is an all Stampin Up group I pulled out my SU stamps and tools (I almost always use SU card stock) and got to it. The first two cards here are using the Apothecary Art stamp set and die set. I wanted to make the flip fold card (in red) and that inspired me to make the yellow card as a folded die cut card. The mat die for the large stamp in the set is so big it almost takes up a whole 4.25 x 5.5 card so my idea was to simply attach it to a piece of card stock as a backing and make it a card. Does that make sense? Another words the die cut opens, not the rectangular piece. I put a piece of designer paper on the yellow card stock for decoration. Cool idea?! I like it :) I think this could sell for SU demos workshops.


Jan said...

Are those supposed to be cherry blossoms on the red card? Very pretty.

PaperSunshine said...

You know I dont know, I kind of thought they were dogwoods but I was just coloring them to match the flowers in the background paper. I guess the look like cherry blossoms now, huh?! Thanks!