Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Doggies and Kitties

Sweet Sampson but blurry, phooey!

Pretty Chloe but I had a hard time removing red eye from the flash so her eyes look funny.

Aris looking rather well, actually.

Oliver before he escaped...

Ho Ho Ho woof woof woof meow meow meow. Tis the season to be festive and involve the furry family members :) OK I know, some people may think this is not nice but it was only for a minute and I gave them lot's of treats :) They didn't mind that!!! These are our two long coat Chihuahuas and our two kitties, the black one is 8 months old and the tabby is 6 months old. They are sweet, the funny thing is the black one is skittish but didn't mind the hat and the tabby is a sweet laid back kitty and did not like the hat at all! You just never know :) As far as the dogs go, Chloe tolerated it for her treats and Sampson who we call "double d" because well, he isn't the brightest dog we have had, could have cared less as long as food was involved! These were the best we could get, not great pictures but you see how cute they are. Merry Christmas!


jan said...

Did you like our Santa Paws Christmas card? Your babies look like Santa helpers. Love all of them :)

Cheryl said...

Sweet puppies and kitties!

papersunshine said...

Jan I thought I had said something! Sorry, that is the most perfect picture! I cant believe your kitty sat so nicely in fromt of the tree like that, WOW! It really is perfect!

Thanks Cheryl, love these little furry friends!