Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Minute Card

You may have seen this already but I had to share it because she is fabulous! She makes a "30 second" card in 5 minutes (or so) and cracks me up. I don't know her but I bet she is a fun person to be around :) So I am sharing a link to her video with you so you can enjoy her quick cards too! Also here is a link to her blog:

The 30 Second Card in 5 Minutes Edition 2 from Stephanie Barnard on Vimeo


Cheryl said...

She cracks me up every time I watch her! I was thinking about putting this on my blog and you beat me to it. Stephanie sure seems like she would be lot of to be around, you are right about that. She is good at what she does, too. She probably is getting people hooked on rubber stamping by how fun her videos are.

Take care, Lori.

Cheryl said...

People need to make sure they see the first one that led to this one. So fun to watch!

Cheryl said...

Oh and I meant "she would be a lot of 'fun' to be around".