Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinking of the Beach

I love this stamp by Impression Obsession, it just reminds me of my childhood going to the beach in New England. I only lived there until I was 9 but this image brings it all back. The swimming lessons in the ocean, the park on the hill with the giant willow trees, picking bike locks with a little boy who taught me (my only foray into that - didn't steal them!), the little candy and ice cream store that seemed to be such a long walk as a child (it was only a couple minutes away!) and of course becoming a good enough swimmer to swim "all the way" to the floating raft (and getting tangled in the eel grass on the way). Fun memories! OK all that to show you this card :) Hope you like!

1 comment:

jan said...

Now we have to go to the beach! I LOVE this one.