Thursday, December 8, 2011

2nd Batch of Christmas cards

I was not happy with my card images looking yellow so I went hunting around the house for a desk lamp (which was on the floor of my son's closet...) and put a fluorescent bulb in it (no yellow with that!). Then shined it straight on my card and took the picture. Wow, what a difference, my images look so much better today don't you think?

I was very productive yesterday! Here is what I came up with, I wanted to color the girl, cat and snowman stamp a little differently so I did a couple more - I just like this stamp! I am using my Stampin Up water color crayons, they are so easy to use and since I am not good with blending or shading they do the trick. I am not real patient with coloring! I have a whole set of those brand new though that I need to sell, the set I have looks like its going to last forever so I don't need the new set. I love the reindeer stamp, even plain like this card it looks great. I got my order in from SimonSaysStamp - oh my gosh were they fast! I am so pleased with their service! So I have six (what was I thinking? Mrs. Scrooge herself bought six Christmas stamps!) so I hope to ink up at least two or three today. It's kind of hard with my son tracked out from school for four weeks but I'm trying :) Hope you like and thanks for looking!



jan said...

I really like the blue with the snowman. The colors really make the card stand out.

ednamburgess said...

Nice job. Especially like the poinsettia one. And if makes you feel any better, my work space looks worse than yours. LOL Edna